S. P., M.D.


I purchased my Hako-Med machine in October 2004 and I have treated approximately 150 patients in the past 16 months. The Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy has provided my patients the convenience of having therapy while they are in the clinic for their appointments rather than going to a physical therapy place separately. The Hako-Med system is very useful for my patients who do not like taking medications for their arthritis as they are paranoid about the side-effects of the medicines especially since Vioxx and Bextra got pulled out of the market. The Hako-Med system has provided patient satisfaction as well as well documented researched-proven results. The Hako-Med system has been the perfect solution for my patients. S. P., M.D. Virginia

C. G., M.D.


In 2002 I bought my Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy equipment. The results with my patients have been outstanding. As a Rheumatologist, I see a lot of patients with pain in multiple areas. I have used my equipment either alone or in combination with other therapy(s). Many of the patients have failed other forms of treatment before. The Hako-Med equipment accomplished the two objectives that we look for in medical equipment: It improves the patients significantly. Increases the office revenue.

C., M.D.


My patients are happy to have a drug-free option for pain control and some who were told that they needed orthopedic surgery (such as for ankle fusion, knee arthroscopy, as well as rotator cuff) are now active and pain-free or relatively pain-free. The Hako-Med PRO ElecDT 2000 has also done wonders for some of my neuropathy patients as well. It was an excellent investment both for my patients and my practice. J. C., M.D. Texas

A. B., D.C.


In 2003 we purchased our Hako-Med unit.  Since then our unit has been very beneficial to our office.  Our unit has assisted with both pre & post surgical patients.  In many cases our patients have opted to not have surgery after experiencing what the Hako-Med has to offer.  Post Surgical patients have quickly re-gained range of motion and experienced a great decrease in pain. B., D.C.

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