• What is Hako-Med’s HT therapy?

HT therapy (Horizontal Therapy) is proprietor and only available from Hako-Med. HT therapy is the combination of Hako-med’s:

      • proprietary waveforms, electrical signals and bioelectric fields,
      • with the clinical experience of the last 40+ years of how to use the available parameters for therapy programs in individual indications and individual patients ,
      • with our unique optimized therapy programs,
      • and specific treatment parameters for individual indications,
      • and Hako-Med’s scientific research both through its published peer-review clinical trials as well as scientific experimentation.
  • Does any other company have HT therapy?

No, Hako-Med’ s HT therapy is exclusively available from Hako-Med. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply lying.

For qualified researchers and investors, as well as customers, who have been using HT therapy for a while, we have a condensed HT therapy explanation simplifying the general scientific principles and mechanisms of action found in our proprietary technology.
Please contact   Hako-Med at    info@electromedicine.com    for more information.
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