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Hako-Med has participated in dozens of clinical trials involving our patented HT- therapy and Hako-Med personnel has participated in dozens more clinical trials involving generic electromedicine. We are always open to discuss mutually beneficial projects with researchers and investors alike.

To do research on specific mechanisms of actions used in specific indication it is imperative to have a common basic knowledge of electro medicine.  Thankfully Dr. A. Hansjurgens has over 40 years ago classified all of electromedicine (EDT, EDIT) by what mechanism of actions can be triggered within living tissue by the corresponding electrical parameters. Those parameters are universal in the sense that when using any device capable of producing these electrical parameters a resulting mechanism of action is always created in living tissue. Of course the quality, effectiveness, ease of toleration and safety of various devices producing the same parameters may differ from device to device.

These parameters and resulting mechanisms of action are easily reproducible and objectively verifiable.

The bioelectric science combines two major arts into one: Physics and Medicine. Since they are almost exclusively thought separately in institutions of higher learning there is a lot of room for misinformation and wishful thinking. Therefore, we must first focus on the classification of bioelectric therapeutic medicine before designing clinical trial parameters.

The following clip is a short example of this simplified classification based on the EDiT and EDT classification systems.

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Basics of Electromedicine

For the complete course “Basics of Electromedicine” as showcased in this preview video contact Hako-Med.
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