Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Hako-Med devices have the required U.S. regulatory clearance?

Yes, Hako-Med has always had the necessary FDA 510(k) clearances for its devices.

In addition, unlike devices made in the United States, every Hako-Med device undergoes the FDA import clearance procedure when it enters the United states from Germany.

  • Are you located in the United States?

Yes. Hako-med holdings is a U.S. corporation  located in the United States and is a distributor for Hako-Med in Germany. Our devices are currently manufactured in Germany by Hako-Med.

Without interruption, Hako-Med in Germany has continiously had distributors in the Unites States since 1989 to this very day.

  • What is Hako-Med’s HT therapy?

HT therapy (Horizontal Therapy) is proprietary and only available from Hako-Med. HT therapy is the combination of Hako-med’s:

      • proprietary waveforms, electrical signals and bioelectric fields,
      • with the clinical experience of the last 40+ years of how to use the available parameters for therapy programs in individual indications and individual patients ,
      • with our unique optimized therapy programs,
      • and specific treatment parameters for individual indications,
      • and Hako-Med’s scientific research both through its published peer-review clinical trials as well as its scientific experimentations.
  • Does any other company have HT therapy?

No, Hako-Med’s HT therapy is exclusively available from Hako-Med. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply lying.

  • Do you still sell the VasoPulse device?

NO, the VasoPulse device is obsolete and has been discontinued by Hako-Med many years ago. Use of a VasoPulse with HT therapy is counterproductive.  A VasoPulse device severely limits the available sizes of electrodes that may be used for treatment. The VasoPulse electrodes do not stick to many body parts. This makes the optimal treatment near impossible.

When using a VasoPulse correctly it is obligatory that every patient has their own individual fresh set of sponges, which need to be properly cleaned after each treatment. This is a time-consuming process and in the long run is more expensive than supplying the patients with their own adhesive electrodes.

  • How can I tell which device is better for my patients?
    • Clinical studies. If a device is as good as a salesman says than it surely would not be a problem to conduct peer-reviewed clinical trials to quantify the exact effects of a device. If a company does not have clinical trials then there is your answer.
    • Long Term use on YOUR patients. A common feature of bioelectric devices are short term Analgesic Effects. They are nice to use as they manifest themselves almost immediately and provide short term relief for many patients. However, they hardly have any long term effects. Therefore, it is easy for a company to demonstrate such impressive short term effects to get a quick sale. Over time your patients may loose out if they don’t experience the long term benefits of the complex HT therapy in addition to the short term  Analgesic effects. Therefore, Hako-Med is the only supplier that puts its money where its mouth is: You can Rent-To-Own our devices to experience the long term  benefits on your patients. You have no risk as you can cancel anytime without further obligation.
  • Do I need to combine injections with HT therapy?

NO,  absolutely NOT. Hako-Med’s therapies are developed as an alternative to pharmaceutical therapies.  As our clinical research has clearly demonstrated HT therapy stands by itself. That being said, every patient is different and if the doctor AFTER evaluating the individual patient suspects that an injection would be beneficial, an injection can possibly be clinically administered in a safe way in conjunction with HT therapy.

***fraud alert: any scheme that bills medicare and mandates the use of injections with a bioelectric treatment before the patient has even been evaluated is, in our opinion, fraud***

  • Why is Hako-Med the only company that offers a 0% Rent-To-Own program?

Hako-Med has been present for over 30 years uninterruptedly in the United States. In order to stay in business that long we create win-win situations for our doctors and their patients. Hako-Med constantly delivers amazing results where all else has failed. Smart clinicians know that Superior Treatment Results translate into Superior Economic Success for their practice.

Some Doctors are hesitant to invest in a superior clinical device such as the Hako-Med ProElecDT2000 series of devices because they don’t want to be stuck with a device that they can’t use in the long term. With Hako-Med there is no risk. Any serious clinician is automatically approved for our 0% Rent-To-Own program.

***WARNING: Renting(-to-own) a Hako-Med device will most certainly lead to the acquisition of more than one Hako-Med device in the future***

So why don’t other companies have the same confidence in their devices? We can’t say for sure. Maybe they are scared that their device is incapable of producing any significant long term benefits. Maybe, they will not be around in a few years. Maybe they are simply too greedy to wait for their profit.

  • Does Hako-Med update its devices?

YES,  Hako-Med is continuously updating its devices according to the lates research and clinical feedback as well as our newest innovations of Hako-Med’s proprietary therapies. 30 years ago we publishes all parameters of our therapies as well as all programs only to be shamelessly copied by some low life companies. From then on we decided, much like a certain Cola company, NOT to publicize our proprietary technology and parameters but rather let the superior results of our devices speak for themself.

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