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Pain Therapy

Hako-Med has provided non-invasive, non narcotic pain relief for over 3 decades in the United States. Physicians have typically used our therapies as last resort when everything else has failed. With great and  mostly instants results isn't it time to consider our HT therapy as a first option in light of the horrendous opioid crisis?

Neuropathy Pain

Pain in the presence of Neuropathy can be effectively treated with our propitiatory Horizontal Therapy, only  available only  from Hako-Med.  Hako-Med devices were part of a recent clinical study for peripheral neuropathy.  Hundreds of clinicians are successfully using our HT therapy.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is on of our specialties. Knee pain can be effectively treated with our propitiatory Horizontal Therapy, only  available only  from Hako-Med.  Results can be easily and objectively verified by measuring Range of Motion and Reduction in Swelling as well as the more subjective pain scales.

Regeneration & Healing

Rather then providing pain management Hako-Med aims for regeneration and healing acceleration as the most effective form of pain relief. Our philosophy is to combine instant pain effects with longer lasting regenerative pain relief.

World leader
in Bioelectric Medicine

Hako-Med has been providing non-narcotic pain relief and regeneration for over 30 years. No other devices have ever been show to outperform Hako-Med in any double blind published clinical trial. Unlike most therapies Hako-Med guarantees its clinical success to our doctors.

Easy To Use
Results Guaranteed
No Obligation

Extremely easy to use.  Setup by your staff in minutes. Fully computerized treatment.

Our results are guaranteed: No obligation purchase with in house lease to own( return devices any time for any reason and owe nothing further)

About Horizontal Therapy (HT therapy)

Why doctors and patients choose
our therapy

There is simply nothing else like our HT therapy. Most pain patients experience instant results, which over time may accumulate. HT therapy is free of negative side-effects, when used correctly. Hako-Med-Med scientists have over 4 decades of clinical experience with hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. Hako-Med has taken the time and capital to quantify our uniqued clinical results in dozens of published clinical trials.

The bottom line Hako-Med delivers real results constantly without the need of dangerous invasive procedures or narcotics.

Real results for patients. Real long term economic growth for physicians. No negative side-effects. No opioids . No get rich-quick billing-schemes . 4 decades of win-win situations delivered.

HT therapy focus

Our specialisations







The most advanced
Bioelectric Therapy Device

Hako-Med devices contains all know forms bioelectric therapeutic effects, including the proprietary Horizontal Therapy (only available from Hako-Med). The constantly updated preset therapy programs are directly related to our clinical reach an bioelectric knowledge of over 4 decades. 

  • Fully Computerized
    All cutting edge therapy programs are accessible at the touch of a button. Set up takes seconds. The rest is automated. It doesn't get any easier to treat the our devices
  • Two devices in one
    The PROElecDT2000 has two independent Channels with two independent circuits each. This enables independent and different treatment of multiple areas or extremities concurrently.
  • HT
    Horizontal Therapy
    The ProElecDT2000 system features the patented HT therapy as well as the proprietary Scan and DiaScan. In addition it also has all other know forms of bioelectric therapy effects.
  • Infinitely expandable
    All forms of therapeutic effects are available for immediate direct access as well as 20 empty slots for self programmed or Hako-Med suggested new programs.




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Years of experience


Devices Sold




Years Warranty

Aquisition options

Current special offers

Our proprietary devices are made in Germany according to stict  FDA GMP regulations. Therefore Hako-Med only makes a limited quantity available each year. Hako-Med guarantees its results by offering a lease to own plan with the option of returning the device without further obligation at any time. ( We restrict this plan to serious dedicated clinicians only.)

Unlike most, if not all others, Hako-Med puts their Money where there Mouth is.

Lease to Own without obligation

$call / month
$low per month, 0% interest, cancel any time without further obligation, downpayment varies. For individual doctors only. No groups.
  • PRO ElecDT2000 System
  • full training and support
  • 3 year warranty

Multi Device purchase for groups

Group discount
Best purchase option to set up a group of clinics with multiple devices. Contact us to discuss all options.
  • 5+ PROElecDT2000 systems
  • full training and support
  • 3 year warranty

Demo Device Sale

$ Call
From time to time Demonstration Devices are available at a discount with full warranty and new accessories. Contact us for availability.
  • demo PROElecDT2000 system
  • full training and support
  • 3 year warranty
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Meet our customers

Hako-Med’s customers are from all types of specialties of medical doctors as well as many different medical professional. Any clinician interested in pain, regeneration, circulatory disorders, neurological disorders, prevention, cosmetic application, sports medicine and even veterinary medicine will find a wealth of possibilities with Hako-Med’s therapies.

Private use

Home Device for Patients

For individuals who wish to maximize the benefits of our therapies by purchasing a device for home use we recommend the following steps:

  1. Consult with your Hako-Med clinicians to ensure that you will benefit from HT therapy.
  2. If you benefit from HT therapy and your doctor recommends HT for home, obtain a prescription from your Hako-med doctor.
  3. To acquire a home device contact Hako-Med and submit your prescription.
  4. Continue to have your doctor monitor your treatments.
patient purchase

Request information for home-use of a Hako-Med device

Please email us for specific published clinical studies at:

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